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Why a Broward County Home needs a Sprinkler System

Why a Broward County Home needs a Sprinkler System

Did you know that the average temperature in Broward County has been increasing since 1900? The increasingly warmer conditions in Broward County affect not only people and animals but also your lawns and gardens. Without adequate water, lawns and gardens turn dull and lifeless. Without adequate water permeation, the soil too loses health and starts degrading.

A sprinkler system can be a valuable addition to your lawn care practices. A well-chosen sprinkler ensures uniform availability of water across the lawn. Apart from protecting your lawn soil and beautifying your landscape, a sprinkler system also delivers other key benefits.

If you are residing in Broward County, then investing in a sprinkler system can give you benefits throughout the year.

Saves time, effort, and stress

Just an image of holding a hose and watering the lawn on a Sunday is enough to send people into a bad mood. Everyone wants to spend their leisure in the company of loved ones or doing something they are passionate about.

With a sprinkler taking care of your lawn, you need not schedule a watering session in your routine. Trust the sprinkler to take care of your lawn’s watering needs. You get to have your leisure time to yourself.

An automatic sprinkler system is a dedicated worker that waters your lawn even when you are away! This irrigation device comes with integrated timers and sensors, which ensure that your lawn stays watered even in your absence.

Helps expend the right quantity of water

With a sprinkler system, there is never under-watering or over-watering your lawn grass or plants. Your lawn receives the right quantity of water.

Under-watering your lawn reduces nutritional input to plants and weakens them. There is stunted growth in plants. Plants can also become disease-prone and pest-infested due to under-watering.

Over-watering, on the contrary, leads to yellowed leaves and root rot. Plants become incapable of absorbing water and nutrients, which weakens them and affects their growth.

Over-watering and underwatering are common when watering with a hose. A sprinkler, on the contrary, prevents over-watering with its nozzle design. Nozzles release water in droplets. This design helps control water release, curbing over-watering.

Sprinklers also deliver hydration to plants and grass in adequate quantities, which prevents under-watering risks.

With its ability to dispense the right amount of water, a sprinkler system saves your greenery and water as well.

In addition, a sprinkler waters only a targeted area. The surrounding concrete areas, such as pathways, do not get wet, as can happen with a hose. Wastage of water is reduced, leading to water conservation. Judicious use of water also saves money on energy bills.

By setting up your sprinkler for specific watering schedules, you can ensure that your lawn is watered as per need.

Spreads water evenly

Plants and grass need water, but they also need water to be spread evenly. Only an irrigation system such as a sprinkler can provide an even spread of water. Without uniformity, your garden or lawn grows lush and green in some areas but stays dry and dead in others.

If your lawn or garden shows any of the following signs, then it could be indicative of an uneven water supply:

  • Brownish grass: Healthy grass bears a green color that can range from medium to dark green. The absence of such green could indicate inadequate water.
  • Brown patches in some areas and green grass in other areas: This can be an indication of uneven water spread, which has resulted in inadequate water reach and, hence, the brown patches.
  • Grass that stays flat after being walked upon: This can be an indication of low moisture content in the grass blades.
  • Plants with leaves that are brown at the tips could be receiving less water.
  • Plants showing stunted growth could be suffering from water shortage.
  • Plants that keep drooping could be experiencing dehydration.

With a sprinkler system, you can ensure that your water supply is even across your lawn or garden. A uniform water supply by a sprinkler enables plants to grow to their inherent potential. You can nurture your vegetable or fruit garden or lawn with flowers with ease and efficiency.

Inadequacy of water can be particularly true in Broward County, where summers keep getting warmer. The risks of plants or grass withering, dying, or drying up due to water deficiency can be prevented with a sprinkler system. Keep your lawn and garden hydrated, healthy, and fresh even during dry summers!

Helps maintain the aesthetics of your landscape

A landscape with yellowed grass or dry, dying plants cannot be any home or property owner’s idea of aesthetic exteriors. Excellent hydration is key to elevating your property’s external environment.

A facilitating environment is a key reason for disease development in plants, according to research.

Wet leaves are one of the facilitators of disease in plants. When plants are watered manually with a hose, water tends to sit more on the leaves.

This excess moisture becomes a breeding ground for diseases, especially fungal diseases. Moisture facilitates the formation of spores and makes it easier for the fungi to infect plants.

Prevent the growth of diseased plants with an irrigation system such as sprinklers. A sprinkler showers the right amount of water on plants and grass, which prevents moisture settlement and the spread of disease.

With enough hydration, plants grow to their optimal level, bearing freshness, fruits, vegetables, or flowers. You get to create a beautiful lawn space in the process. The presence of healthy, disease-free greenery gives your property a style and charm that is unmatched. Greener outdoors enables you to connect with nature and reap amazing health benefits.

Showers a cooling effect

Research indicates that healthy lawns and other plants could bring down air conditioning costs in the U.S. by 25%. Keen to know how? Read on.

Healthy lawns and green areas with shrubs and trees can bring down air temperature through a process called evapotranspiration. This process involves evaporation of water from plants, which can help reduce summer temperatures by 7 to 14 degrees.

Lawn and outdoor spaces enriched with greenery function as wonderful recreation spaces for adults and children. You could make your summers cooler in Broward County without spending too much on vacation to cooler locations.

Now is the time to buy a sprinkler system and start making your lawn healthy!

Improves air quality

Healthy lawns and landscapes grow to their best with adequate hydration. The thick foliage serves as an intact cover for airborne dust and debris. The thick cover absorbs air contaminants, leaving the air pure and healthy for you.

In addition, the greenery takes in carbon dioxide while releasing oxygen. Did you know that a healthy lawn spanning 25 square feet can provide adequate oxygen for an adult for a day?


A simple and cost-effective sprinkler system can keep your lawn beautiful and green while imparting immense health benefits.

The warmer conditions of Broward County demand irrigation systems that can counter issues of poor water use. With a well-chosen and well-installed sprinkler system, you can make the best use of available water.

You can program watering schedules and adjust water levels according to the climate. For example, lawns need less water during rainy seasons. Sensors in sprinklers can adjust watering levels according to this climatic impact.

A sprinkler beautifies your lawn and creates healthier green spaces, both of which increase the visual appeal of your property. The improved visual appeal can add to the value of your property.

With efficient use of water, you get to contribute to a healthier planet.

Trust Green Planet Sprinkler & Irrigation for professional sprinkler system installation, repair, and maintenance. Our team of qualified and licensed professionals comes with extensive experience in irrigation system installation and management.

As a local company, we know the soil, climate, and landscape requirements of Broward County. We can guide you in the best way so that you get to derive the maximum advantage from your irrigation system. Get in touch with us today!

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