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How can water be conserved when watering your lawn?

Water can be conserved when watering your lawn by installing a smart irrigation system. This system utilizes the latest irrigation technology, such as using low-gallon nozzles instead of standard ones. Additionally, a system redesign may be necessary to ensure optimal efficiency.

How does a smart irrigation system help conserve water?

A smart irrigation system helps conserve water by utilizing water-saving features and technologies. For example, using low-gallon nozzles instead of standard ones can significantly reduce water usage while effectively covering the same area.

How can installing a smart irrigation system reduce water bills?

Installing a smart irrigation system can reduce water bills by conserving water. Using water-saving features, such as low-gallon nozzles, can result in substantial savings on water consumption. The overall water bill can be significantly lowered by reducing the amount of water used for irrigation.

What are some technologies used in a smart irrigation system?

Some technologies used in a smart irrigation system include low-gallon nozzles, designed to release only half the amount of water as standard nozzles while still covering the same area. These systems may also incorporate other advanced technologies to ensure optimal efficiency and water conservation.

Is a system redesign sometimes necessary for optimal efficiency?

Yes, a system redesign is sometimes necessary to ensure that a smart irrigation system operates at its highest efficiency level. This redesign may involve assessing the layout and components of the existing system and making adjustments or improvements to ensure optimal water usage and conservation.

How will I know if the flow meter is working at installation?

Once you activate your Rachio Wireless Flow Meter, your Rachio app’s home screen will display water usage in gallons or liters instead of minutes. You will receive an error message if the flow meter cannot read your system’s flow rate or detect leaks. You will also receive a notification via email or the Rachio app if the flow meter fails to work.

How many water flow meters do I need?

The Rachio Lawn Sprinkler system supports up to two backflow preventers and one Rachio 3 controller. We recommend installing one flow meter per backflow preventer to ensure optimal function. Please note that the maximum number of backflow preventers allowed is two, with two Wireless Flow Meters and one Rachio 3. 

What Does an Irrigation Water Flow Meter Do?

With the help of flow sensor irrigation technology, you can efficiently monitor your irrigation system and identify any necessary adjustments or issues that need to be addressed.

  • How much water have I used since the last irrigation?
  • Is the system applying the right amount of water?
  • Are there any changes in the flow rate during the season that I need to adjust to?
  • Is the system flagging issues like clogs, leaks, or other problems?

What Is a Sprinkler Flow Meter?

A lawn sprinkler flow meter maintains specific environmental conditions for residential lawns and other grassy areas. Sprinkler flow meters can also be used in smart home applications to automate routines based on system flow rate requirements. By installing sprinkler flow sensors, water usage can be monitored and runoff reduced.

Upon installation, the sprinkler flow sensor measures irrigation flow to determine water speed through the system. The meter then sends this information to an irrigation controller, which can detect issues and conserve water. Suppose the water flow rate is too high. In that case, the flow meter sends a signal to the irrigation controller to take corrective measures, such as stopping the water flow, sounding an alarm, or sending an alert message.

Is Green Planet Sprinkler & Irrigation a Broward County-recommended vendor?

Yes, our company has been a long-time licensed and recommended lawn sprinkler contractor by the Lawn Sprinkler Rebate Program of Lawn Sprinkler, Florida. As a licensed lawn sprinkler contractor, we fully comprehend the process. We can expertly design and deliver all required documents to document your lawn sprinkler system and meet your lawn sprinkler system rebate option requirements.

Must I be present during the Lawn Sprinkler Eligibility Test?

You must attend the initial system evaluation to ensure that you receive all the necessary information. The assessment provides vital information and guides the steps you must take. Being present during this evaluation is crucial for moving forward smoothly with timely release and maximizing your benefits.

What are the qualifications to be eligible for the lawn sprinkler rebate program?

Before starting the program, the first step is to evaluate your current system. This evaluation will determine the type, size, and overall “fitness” of your system. To proceed with the program, it is required that you score 70% or better on the Fitness Test. Suppose you are aware that your system is in extreme disrepair. In that case, it is recommended that you perform some light maintenance before applying to the program.

Will a new lawn sprinkler system save me money?

Yes. — This is because automatic sprinkler systems are water efficient – they will only apply the exact amount of water needed by your landscape. Plus, our Rachio Smart Smart Systems take into consideration local weather and adjust your schedule when needed. 

Why won’t my lawn Sprinkler pump not turn on?

The first thing you should do is check your breaker to make sure it’s not in the “off” position or if it has been tripped. If that doesn’t work, try resetting the breaker. If you keep tripping the pump breaker after resetting, it may be because of something wrong with the wires to your pump or the motor itself.

Either way, you may want to go ahead and contact us for a free evaluation.

Why is my lawn sprinkler pump making noise?

The suction lift is the vertical distance between the water surface and the pump inlet. When this suction lift is too high, the pump will start to sound like it has rocks in it. This noise is caused by cavitation, which can harm the pump’s internal components. Sometimes, relocating the pump closer to the water source solves the problem — at least temporarily.

Give us a call today for a free evaluation of your sprinkler pump.

Why is my lawn sprinkler timer not turning on?

First, make sure your lawn sprinkler is set to run. Next check your schedule to ensure it is set to run. If there is no power to your sprinkler timer there may be a wiring or electricity issue. To troubleshoot a field wiring short, first, make sure to check the condition of the circuit breaker or fuse. If it has been blown, this typically means a field wiring short.

If these steps do not help, give us a call to schedule a free sprinkler timer evaluation.

Why is my lawn sprinkler timer not working?

Check manually if your duration settings are set up properly. Turn on the lawn sprinkler for a period of time and let it run, then turn on your temporary program to turn off the lawn sprinklers. Quickly check how long it took for them to be turned off.

If this does not help, give us a call to schedule a free sprinkler timer evaluation.

Do you install new lawn sprinkler systems?

Green Planet Sprinkler & Irrigations specializes in installing new sprinkler systems. Whether you utilize city water, well water or lake water we design and install the right sprinkler system that enhances your yards beauty and also can save you money . 

Will a new smart lawn sprinkler system water all the different areas of my yard?

Your smart lawn sprinkler system will be designed to accommodate all areas of your yard.

For Your Lawn Areas

  • In lawn areas, we want to ensure sprinkler heads are placed out of the way, and evenly dispersed to ensure proper coverage.

  • The sprinkler heads are then grouped in zones to allow for proper water distribution and account for sun exposure.

For Your Plant Bed Areas

  • For your plant bed areas, shrubs or trees, we install drip systems to keep the roots properly moist. Drip systems are 90% efficient and are extremely beneficial for plantings.

Do smart lawn sprinkler systems help to save water?

Yes. Our smart lawn sprinkler systems leverage problem-solving, proprietary watering algorithms that use climate data, soil temperature, root depth data, and more to assess your soil’s moisture & save water where it makes sense. So you never see your irrigation system running while it’s raining outside. 

What are the benefits of a smart automatic lawn sprinkler system?

A smart automatic lawn sprinkler system not only lets you control and automate your complete system, but it also allows you to control it from anywhere, from your smartphone.

Our smart automatic irrigation systems create tailored schedules based on your lawn’s specific needs, including plant type, soil type, sun exposure, and more, for custom and worry-free watering.

A smart automatic irrigation system also provides cost savings, our customers see up to 30-50% savings on their monthly watering bills and have helped save more than 30 billion gallons of water.

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