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Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller

Green Planet Rachio Smart Sprinker System

Rachio Smart Sprinkler Automation

Beautiful yards, made easy and sustainable

We are a certified Rachio Smart Sprinkler Pro Company. The Rachio system creates tailored smart schedules based on the specific needs of your lawn, including plant type, soil type, sun exposure, and more, for custom and worry-free watering.

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Green Planet Rachio Smart Sprinkler Sytems Florida

Smart Home Ready

Effortless Connectivity

Deliver all the water your plants need with our smart watering schedules and easy-to-use mobile app that integrates with Amazon Alexa, Google Nest, and other smart home devices.

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Smart Schedules

Adaptive to Real-time Conditions

Watering schedules automatically adapt to your preferences, soil moisture, climate, and the season for unparalleled accuracy.

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Water Savings

Only Waters when Needed

Rachio users see up to 30-50% savings on their monthly watering bills and have helped save more than 30 billion gallons of water.

Intelligent watering

Say no to one-size-fits-all watering

Your yard is unique, so it shouldn't have to settle for one-size-fits-all watering. Give your yard what it really needs in the Rachio app:

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Rachio Smart App

Real-Time Water Changes

Plants naturally use more or less water throughout the seasons. We automatically adjust for that, saving you water while creating healthy plants.

Rachio Smart App

Run Zones From Your Phone

Use your phone like a watering remote: select any zone to run or pause watering and more.

Rachio Smart App

Troubleshoot your Sprinklers

Easily get to the root of most yard woes with our troubleshooting tool. Identify issues like lawn diseases, test sprinkler head coverage, and even make irrigation maintenance easier – all from your mobile device.

Cost Savings

Best for your plants
and your pocket

Rachio's problem-solving, proprietary watering algorithms use climate data, soil temperature, root depth data, and more to assess your soil's moisture & save water where it makes sense. See the proof on your water bill.

Great Product, Great Company

Over 600,000 thriving Smart Rachio Sprinker yards and Growing

Outdoor watering makes up around 60% of all household water usage. Rachio customers aren’t just making a dent in this water usage, they’re making a difference – by saving over 35 billion gallons of water and counting!

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Smart Sprinkler Innovation Systems South Florida

Certified Rachio Installers

We are Verified as Certified Rachio Pros

Our team has successfully achieved the status of certified Rachio Pros. Our commitment to delivering excellence in customer service and our early-on backing of this great innovation led to gaining the trust of this groundbreaking company and together supporting their environmental efforts, one home at a time.

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We stand behind this product

Trusted and Tested Technology

We don't just support every new product on the market, our commitment to Rachio has been a long process of first-hand testing, servicing, and overall backing from the manufacturer.

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